Safety first. And foremost.

At Metzler, our number one priority when we’re on the job is the safety of our crews and the security of our worksites. It’s a commitment made by each of our professionally-trained operators to ensure an accident-free project from start to finish, where crews look out for each other, stay in constant communication, and carefully plan each aspect of the job for safe and timely completion.

Our staff and crews are regularly certified and trained in several industry-related programs, including:

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Programs
First Aid
Additionally, our safety record has been verified by the following contractor certification programs – ISNetword, Avetta, and Browz.

At Metzler, we’re proud of the company we’ve built, the hard-working employees on our teams, and the reputation we’ve earned for jobs well done. It’s why we continually go above and beyond for the clients we serve to ensure each job is completed to our demanding standards for quality and our customer’s complete satisfaction. From residential to commercial, from large job to small, we believe every job matters and every detail counts.