Pulpwood Purchasing


At Metzler, we strive to provide a steady and consistent market for our pulpwood suppliers. By adhering to our specification guidelines and quality requirements, you can help ensure we continue to meet the needs of this demanding industry.

Our facility features:

An unattended scale system for pulpwood deliveries

A well-maintained yard and trained staff for safe unloading and quick truck turnaround times

Prompt weekly payments for large volume pulpwood and firewood poles

Flexible yard hours at our Reedsville, Pennsylvania location – Monday-Friday, 7:00 am – 5:00pm

For assistance, or to find out more information about our pulpwood purchasing services, call 717-667-2924.


  • Hardwood Pulpwood
    • Lengths: 12’ – 25’
    • Diameters: 4” – 20”
    • No walnut
  • Hardwood Firewood
    • Lengths: 12’ – 25’
    • Diameters: 8” – 16”
    • No poplar, basswood or aspen. NO TOPWOOD.
  • Pine Pulpwood
    • Lengths: 12’ – 25’
    • Diameters: 4” – 20”
  • Hemlock Pulpwood
    • Lengths: 12’ – 25’
    • Diameters: 4” – 20

All Material:

  • Needs to be reasonably free of mud.
  • Needs to be properly trimmed.
  • Needs to be reasonably straight and free of crook and excessive sweep.
  • Needs to be free of fire damage and not charred.
  • Needs to be free of excessive punk.
  • Please call before bringing your first load. Deliveries accepted Monday – Friday, 6:30am – 5:00pm (No weekend deliveries). Truck driver needs to present correct business name and mailing address for sending a payment. Loads that are hauled Monday – Friday will be paid on the following Monday. Prices and specifications subject to change without notification.

All trucks need to be swept off before they leave the log yard.

All truck drivers must wear a hard hat when in the log yard.

Please call the office at 717-667-2924 for further information or assistance.

Thank you for your business.

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