Throughout the year, we often feature seasonal sales and specials on everything for your home and garden landscaping needs. From flowers, plants, trees and shrubs, to statuaries and fountains, to mulch and decorative accent stone, you’ll find great ways to save on everything for your great outdoors.

Right now you’ll find savings on:

All Mulch is sold by the scoop, 1/2 scoop or 2 Cu. Ft. Bag

Bagged Mulch
$5.00 / 2 Cu. Ft. Bag

Pine Bark Nuggets
$8.95 / 3 Cu. Ft. Bag

In addition bagged Potting Soil, Garden Soil and Sphagnum Peat Moss are available!

All Stone Products are sold by either the scoop, 1/2 scoop or 5 gallon buckets – NO EXCEPTIONS
5 Gallon Bucket of Limestone
$2.50 / Bucket

5 Gallon Bucket of Decorative Stones
$5.50 / Bucket

Premium Landscaping Products: (3/4 Cu. Yd. Bucket)

Product Type Price
Single Ground Mulch $17.25 per scoop
Triple Ground Mulch $19.75 per scoop
Red Dyed Mulch $26.00 per scoop
Whole Hardwood Chips $21.00 per scoop
Black Dyed Mulch $24.00 per scoop
Brown Dyed Mulch $24.00 per scoop
Hemlock Bark Mulch $24.00 per scoop
Certified Playground Chips $21.00 per scoop
Premium Grade Screened Topsoil $32.00 per scoop
Mushroom Mulch $17.00 per scoop
Compost $18.00 per scoop
METZLER groCHAR (Compost) $45.00 per scoop
METZLER earthCHAR (Soil)  $55.00 per scoop

Limestone and Decorative Stones (3/4 Cu. Yd Bucket)

Product Type Price
Maryland Shore Stone $74.50 per scoop
River Stone 2B $51.25 per scoop
River Stone 3″ $62.00 per scoop
River Stone 3″ – 6″ $62.00 per scoop
River Stone Trail-Mix