Whether you’re a big box retailer seeking high-quality pre-packaged firewood for consumer use, or a homeowner in need of bulk split firewood for seasonal use, Metzler provides premium oak, hickory, cherry, maple, locust and other long burning hardwoods ready for delivery.

All our firewood is purchased from sustainable logging partners to ensure quality and environmentally-friendly harvesting, and comes available in green or kiln dried for a cleaner, hotter burn that produces less smoke and creosote build-up.

Metzler kiln-dried firewood is dried on-site in our dual SII Dry Kilns at temperatures that far exceed industry standards for both heat and time to create a true piece of kiln dried firewood that not only qualifies for USDA Certification for pest and mold-spore free, but also arrives with a much lower moisture content – so it’s easier to light and ready to burn.

Metzler pre-packaged firewood comes available in .75 cubic ft. firewood bundles or .21 cubic ft. kindling bundles, while homeowners can choose from 13”, 16” or 20” bulk split for delivery direct to your home or cabin. All firewood can be purchased by the scoop, cord.

To find out more information about the right firewood for your needs or to schedule a delivery, call us today.

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